Split Rudder

There is a story about a rudder that split in two. The owner is now asking for a drawing for the part that went to the bottom. We apparently were close to share his disfortune in 1989. We were standing on the quay in Oslo, just beside our boat, speaking to an other sailing couple. The sun was shining from the other side of the boat, revealing that the slot between the stern and the rudder not was a straight line but a wedge! This mystified me and a closer inspection revealed that the bottom pintle for the rudder had come loose completely and the middle one was coming loose too. Instead of going out to Bygdöy, watching the big viking ships there, we had the boat lifted out of the water. I then unhung the rudder, unfastened all pintles (thank God no threads damaged) drying the holes out with a hairblower and liberal application of alcohol and then locking the screws holding the pintles with liberal amounts of epoxy glue pulling them really hard. They will now probably never come out whether we want or not. (Akke B, 7 Dec 2007)

The rudder has been weeping rusty water as long as I can recall so maybe it is not a bad idea not to wait too long before taking its exact measurements or perhaps even make a cast of it, facilitating the construction of a new rudder some time in the future. (Akke B, 7 Dec 2007)

Peter, the guy who sailed to New-Zealand and back, told us that it is a good idea to reinforce the rudder, even without doing extensive offshore sailing. (Olivia, Dec 2007)

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