I don't know much about the years right before I owned her, but her original owner, Gordon Yates, sailed with his wife across the Atlantic. Amobel is also featured in a book by Lin and Larry Pardey (Seraffyn's European Adventure) because the Pardey's and Yates' sailed together for a short time.

That's about all I know from before. When I purchased her 3 years ago (2005), she had a serious blister problem and a seized volvo penta engine. I had her on the hard for about six months to fix the blisters and had the engine removed. We've sailed her without the engine but had to abort a few times because she takes a while to get going and we don't have that much space in the marina. Currently I have a new set of sails on order and plans for major topside work (Cockpit, non-skid, etc.)


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