Klaus Baess wishes present Great Dane 28 owners to have access to his archives! Ole Rosted (Brise II owner) is now in charge of that memory as he has received ALL those archives in Denmark in February 2008.

Here's the original saleslists from Klaus Baess containing the boat number (hull number) and the client it was sold to. (click on individual pictures to enlarge them)

KB_List001-030.jpg KB_List030-053.jpg KB_List054_083.jpg KB_List084-113.jpg KB_List114-135.jpg KB_List136-159.jpg KB_List160_194.jpg KB_List193-222.jpg KB_List223-261.jpg

As a part of the service, all sales in the 60's were accompanied with a box of 10 KB cigars labeled Klauss Baess (from the last famous tobacco shop in Copenhagen W.Ø. Larsen). In the 70's he had the Faxe breweries labeled a special "Baess Beer" (name comes pretty close to the UK Bass Beer label. A 6 pack was put in all the boats he sold. "Havnefogederne ku' også li' dem." ("The portmasters liked them too").

Also in the 50 when second-hand boats like Dragons were exported to the US and Canada a bottle or two of Danish liquor was put in the boats. KB said "Even if there were minor mistakes with the second-hand boats I felt they would bare with me after a shot or two "


Originally early GD28's were sold with original KB porcelain produced by one of the well known porcelain makers in Copenhagen. It had the KB logo printed on the edge of the plates. Pieces were in a set of 5, as the GD28 has nominally 5 berths. (Thanks to Juliette from Tauala)

The official start and end of the GD28


In that letter dated from the 9 March 1965, Aage Utzon confirm that Klaus Baess has all the rights on the drawings he had made of the GREAT DANE 28 (B 28) and may use them to build these boats. He also wrote that the payment has been paid once and for all and he promises not to design or build another boat essentially similar to the B 28 (GREAT DANE 28) or its dimensions.

According to KB, the reason behind this (very formal) letter between two long time friends/business partners was that the builder of Sagitta 30 (also by Utzon), Paul Cadovius had (quite ridiculously) complained that KB called the GD28 an Utzon design as he wanted to stress and use the Utzon name and goodwill in his sales material. So KB asked Utzon to confirm KB's rights to the name etc. (notice that the letter is actually written by KB on his official writing paper.


In 1985, 20 years later, the Danish Patent Directorate hereby confirms that Klaus Baess is the owner of the trade mark (referring to the photocopy below). It says that if KB wants to keep it for another 10 years he is kindly requested to pay 150 DKK within 6 months of date. _

… so the trademark fee of 150 DKK was not paid and thus the trademark not renewed


KB felt the time of the GD28 over - the mould(s) were totally destroyed in 1980 (destroyed meant chopped to pieces and - to ensure nobody glued it together again - burnt!). He just didn't want anyone compromising the quality he always intended to put into the product called GD28.

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