The original Sandersens Plasticboats manufacturer's plate is still affixed in the cockpit and shows the stamped impressions of the Lloyds of London registry, Sandersens' hull # 431 and year of construction 1968. Three of the eight sailbags have GD28 and S85 stenciled at the top. Below that is A J Freytag, Sejlmager, Copenhagen. Her first owner was Elof Bjurksted of Sweden who purchased hull #85 in October of 1968.

She has a Hasler self-steering wind vane, a radar reflector, extra handholds and D-rings everywhere within an arm's reach both inside and out, and other things that seem to indicate preparation for long-distance cruising. Nothing fancy or complicated added—she remains basic, solid, and functional. Most likely she was sailed across the Atlantic.
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