Bellissima (ex. Daisy) was sent on her maiden voyage in 1973 and she still is a very beautiful and lovely lady. I bought her last year in 2007 and it was love at first sight. I`ve knowledge of her two former ownerships. "Lydia" (Danish ownership) and "Joffer Anna" (German ownership).
She is now berthed in Frederikshavn, DK.

I´ve always loved the GD 28 and knew, that I one day would have one! I`m very impressed about her performance and it´s certainly a ship you feel safe to sail.

I hope that Bellissima one day will take us out on the big seas - first steps will be shorter trips in scandinavia and perhaps a trip across the north sea.

Daisy035s.jpg Daisy050s.JPG

Bellissima is taken ashore for the winter and I`m renewing all seawatervalves/-connections.

Furthermore I´m doing some repairs on the Yanmar 2GM20 from 1986. It`s seawater cooled, but still looks fine inside, so I believe this engine will run for at least 10 more years, if it`s well looked after. I`m also renewing the propeller shaft and sterntube (both from 1986) as there was some damages on these parts.

PS I´m the member called Mr. Pepe ;-).
Look forward to have a good cooperation.

Kind regards

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