Blue Gipsy


Just joined the GD owners site and wanted to say hello to all GD owners. I still own Blue Gipsy after 40K miles at sea. 5 trans Atlantics including the 1972 OSTAR. Plus lots of other heavy deep sea sailing.

I can say I've tried almost every thing to sink, disable, break and beat up this boat but she is still tougher than me. We will refit her in the next year or so and get her back in the water. She is actually at my home on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina.

We also do have a small open boat… about 6 meters by 2 meters with a small sail that we used to sail a lot but have not had it in the
water for a long time. I think we will get it fixed up so we can use it and get some sailing in… which we both miss very much.

The first pic shows BG at Kastrup (Denmark) where she was launched in March 1971. I'm splicing an eye in the end of the anchor line.

We sailed Blue Gipsy only 50 miles on April 4 (I had a friend named Ken along on this voyage) and were caught by a fierce gale during that first night out of Copenhagen, with ice and snow and were driven ashore on Moen.

The main sail became jammed in the track.. rope in the propeller and not enough sail to get off a lee shore. We anchored but the line failed after 5 hours and we ran aground before we hit the cliffs and that saved our lives.

We found the anchors later, righted the ship and rigged this cradle..
with help from local people we pulled BJ back into the water.
It took us a week to get off and back to Copenhagen for repairs.

We then sailed to Kiel (Germany), Falmouth (UK), Grand Canary, Nassau (Bahamas) and home to Daufuskie Island. And that is what the book I've written, "The Long Voyage Home", is all about.

"The Long Voyage Home" (which covers that first trans-Atlantic) can be found by googling R. Lancy Burn (me) or can be ordered via my email, giving a location (country and city). The book is $27.00 plus shipping (for example the shipping to Germany is $12.00 US Dollars). You can then buy an international money order and send that along with your address.

The second book is in the writing and will cover going back across to England and the OSTAR in 1972 (my second and third trans-Atlantic).

Best to you all and hope I can fill in some gaps on this remarkable boat.



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