Blue Hope

Blue Hope was owned by Yacov Cohen and she was moored in Brøndby Havn, DEN

March 2016

I bought Blue Hope in February / March 2016 in Brøndby Harbour, just south of Copenhagen. She was very poorly maintained and with many technical errors and omissions. Despite this, we managed to get her sailed to Korsor, which is the new homeport.Blue Hope is now on land for a thorough renovation and rebuilding which, probably, will take a few years. However, she must be ready to sail, at least during the summer.

The plan is that the hull is sanded down, filled and primed. The deck should be filled and painted. Miscelaneous woodwork repaired or replaced. Need to make a real spreyhood. Improve the rudder bearings and rigging.

In the longer term a wind rudder. Interior is changed to L-shape (port side) with pantry and small chart table (starboard). There must also be insolated and made heating system.

Generally, it must be convenient for single hand sailing ie all important rope to cockpit.

Apparently Blue Hope is supposed to be no. 29 in the series and from 1968 !!!, but I'm not sure of it. I can't find any signs indicating building number or years. I've only have this information from the previous owner and the insurance. If anyone can help I would be happy to get the historic place. Feel free to come by and have a chat.

Greetings, Torbjørn Voigt + 45 2288 0088
XPE 6638 / mmsi 219020226

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