Supposed tendency to go to leeward?

On one site I found someone mentioning "Strong tendency for the boat to go to leeward, particularly under reefed mainsail". That is something we have not experienced. On the contrary - in situations where we postpone reefing for too long, a large rudder deflection is needed to keep her from luffing. Naturally this means less speed and I have heard similar sentiments from several other GD28 owners we have met over the years. (Akke B, Dec 2007)

The initially quite noticeable tendency to luff was even more pronounced after a mistake of my own, namely to order an oversize full batten mainsail with a positive roach. On top of it all, we were then unable to cut away much material from the luff as the sail numbers were glued in place quite close to the luff and effectively impossible to remove without leaving unsightly stains.(Akke B, Dec 2007)

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