Brise II
Brise_July_2009_near_Cph.jpg Summer 2009 outside Copenhagen as seen from Kalypso
BriseOleAndTaurusNorbertSummer2012b2.jpg Taurus from Berlin visited SvanemĂžllen Summer 2012.
166-6644_s.JPG After the 2007 renovation with 'new' mast and windows
My dad (the last good picture of him on board)

He loved sailing - started when he was 16. His parents stayed with a fishing family each summer in West coast Sealand of Denmark. There the local boys told him how to handle their small dinghies.

Later back in Cph he bought a small 20 footer with one of these large extended sails (you know similar to the messan mast on the tall ships). With this one on hand he attracted my mom - and in return became member of the club which I'm a member of too and where my mother's father already was a member (actually we're not the only 3rd generation family - the club is 110 years old now).

In 1956 he bought a 26 footer Utzon 'spidsgatter' (Utzon was very famous for these) and named it Brise. Finally in 1966 - when I was 15 - he bought the new Utzon invention called a Great Dane and obviously named it Brise II. Over the years my parents did most of the Scandinavian waters except for North of Stockholm including meeting his cousin coming down from Oslo in his sloop (forgot the name of the model).

166-6649_s.JPG me and my mom (yes, she still knows how to handle it (when the wind is less than 3m/s, that is ;-))
the new windows
the new mast

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