2019 February

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I am LoÏc Courcoux, a french long courses Captain and I bought in Limimgton a GD 28 named Chaotic, belonging to a
British Navy Officer.
This was in 0ctober 1975. I make the boat French in Saint Malo, changed the name in Contrepoint and sailed from Saint
Malo to Sicilia, staying several years in Marseilles and when back to Brittany to the port of Lezardrieux for the last 25 years.
I enjoyed so much my GD that I kept her up to now, when I decided to sell her because it began to be difficult for me to
embark from the annex to Contrepoint .
I get in touch with you to know how I could make an announcement on the GD28 Owner’s club, if I could do it. I think that
the number of my boat is 118, but not sure. She was built in 1970.
Please, accept my regards,
Yours faithfully

Loïc Courcoux

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