Danish Star

You'll not believe this but last Saturday I wrote up a piece on the boat and was looking for a couple of old pictures we had of Danish Star when the hard drive in our computer crashed. It failed when I was trying to bring up one of the pictures to edit so I could send it. Well I was and am dumbfounded that the "Old Computer God" picked that exact moment to cause a failure, but it is so. I swear it!.
Sunday we bought a new computer, an Acer Aspire 5920, and I am working to get all our software working. The problem with being retired is one has to be one's own IT Manager. We are making progress. I am almost afraid to think about the boat for fear of what will happen next. I promise though we will get something this next week.

Danish Star has a Yanmar with fewer than 500 hours on it. We too have a little leak, it is over the fuel tank I think. It is very small and evaporates before it reaches the bilge. It really bugs me though. Our boat is in Port Isabel, Texas and our home is about 600 kilometers north in Conroe, Texas near Houston.

We hope to sail this fall for the Caribbean via the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. The next spring about a year from now we want to sail to Europe via Bermuda and Horta. We hope to spend the summer visiting England, Germany, Norway, and Denmark. We would then winter in the Mediterranean then head back to the US via Ireland, Iceland, and Greenland and Nova Scotia the following spring (2010). This is the classic great circle tour. We hope to see some of you folks while we are visiting there.

We really enjoy the web site and are now in contact with two US based Great Dane owners.

Fair winds and stout hearts,

Chauncey and Jane
(April 08)

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