Dutch Blue Dane

Hello Everybody!


My name is Karel Jansson, from Lemmer, The Netherlands. Together with my wife Karina, we (finally) became the (already proud) owner of a Great Dane 28 yesterday, August 3rd 2008 :-)

The boat we bought is the Dutch “Blue Dane” that has been for sale for some time in Holland. We are still searching to find the hull number somewhere, but it is said she was built in 1969. The Lloyds no. we have already found.

The boat is in reasonable shape, although the interior is totally worn out. This winter, together with a retired ships-carpenter, we will replace the complete interior


and will try to refurbish the boat to the shape it deserves. I am not sure which parts are original and which are just added by the current and previous owners, Should you have any data useful for a major renovation like we are planning, we would very much appreciate it!

We plan to have the boat ready for the summer 2009 Great Dane gathering in Denmark !

Kindest regards,

Karel Jansson
(August 2008)

Some pic's before refurbishment:


Looking good from a distance…but requiring total strip & re-varnish


The current interior, it will incorporate a true navigation table "soon"
Never used a windvane before….but looking forward to trying it out:)

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