Fru Hansen


I'm the happy owner of a GD28/build182, and have looked around for a forum like this! And I found it :-)

We purchased "Fru Hansen" in Ishøj, Denmark 3 years ago in 2005, and it was time. She was in bad shape, and we still have a lot to do to get her beautifull again. We have done a lot of work below deck, but more about this when I get more time to send some pictures and tell stories about her.

For now I will just say "Hi - I'm here !" - and will gladly be member of this site. I have already read about the upcoming event next year somewhere in Denmark, and it will surely be attractive for next year of vacation plans.
More later….

Best regards
Knud Bidstrup

n.b. We are located in Sundby Sejlklub (SSF) on Amager, Denmark which is an old club rich in traditions, and perfect for us.

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