GIMP tutorial

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We've created this tutorial to help members use GIMP for modifying pictures. More specifically, to reduce image sizes(resolution) and file sizes(compression) so that we get a nice clean and efficient website. Once you'll have done it a few time, you'll see how simple and quick it really is.

  • Open the picture to be modified: File/open
  • Reduce the size of the picture: in Image/Scale image and enter 400 pixels in the field for its width (for landscape pics) and click on the scale button. At the bottom of the picture, select 100% and this is the format that will appears on the website
  • Save and reduce the quality (compression): in File/Save as and give a new name to your picture, removing any space or bizarre character. Note the location and extension type and click on the "save" button. In the frame that's open ("save as JPEG"), select on the "Show preview in the image window", that will allow you how much reduction you can do directly in the window. Then click on Advanced options, keeping only the "optimise" and "Save EXIF data". In the top, diminish the quality to 80 or 85% and what it gives direcly on the picture. You'll see the file size reducing as you're reducing the quality. Don't be afraid, 80% is generally enough for a pics on the website! If somebody want to see more details, you can always sent the original photo by e-mail ;-). Click on the save button and it's done
  • I find it better to work with several pictures one after each other, so you keep the same parameter and it's rapid
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