Great Dane 35

Regarding the GD35 let me tell you what it is - it is the predecessor to the GD37.

As you remember by the end of the 60's I bought a number of LAURIN 32 (a Swedish double ender) hulls from Malmø Flygindustri (Airospace) - a subsiduary of Trelleborg Plastics with the intention of doing the finishing at different yards: Heller, Roskilde, Molich or Børresen in Vejle.

At the same time Malmø started building a 35 footer ketch which I bought as hulls and had Brandt Møller, Roskilde and Heller finishing. In 1968 I bought Roskilde Boatyard in order to finishing them there and named them GD 35 - a total of approximately 10 boats. However, I fell they lacked a few feet and asked Knud Olsen (who died this summer) to draw up a 37 foot ketch which I named Great Dane 37, making the hulls in Stege and finished in Roskilde plus a few made by Heller. I've seen 2 of them (blue) in Skovshoved and they were very well-maintained.

K. Baess, November 2010

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