Gunga Din

hello everybody

we could tell a lot about the travels with the boat all around the coast of Europe from Egypt to Iceland and Svalbard.
also about the recent quite problematic renovation work done since 2009. also about the tales of the boat beeing built in two halves.
we have found big holes needed to be mended in the "middleline" of the boat
We will continue the tales later. this is more a way to learn how to use this site.

2009 the boat was sandblastered, pasted and had 8 layers of epoxi paint. We also had to add layers of glas fiber
to mend the crack in the stern and aft ( the "midline fissure")
Last year 2010 we took out the engine to get it renovated during winter. We opened up the closed volume under the engine
because there were leeks both in the bottom of the boat and under the engine. It was filled with a mixture of polyuretan
and saltwater and diesel. After cleaning there was a hard work refilling it with divinycell and epoxyplastic.

This year 2011 we hope to get the engine back, new propeller and 25 mm propeller shaft and new "lead-trough", new electric wiring , and get her in the sea again. We hope….

best regards Martin and Görel


This is the new stairs that we had to build after the exchange of the motor. Yanmar YM 22 HP

To be continued…

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