Gypsy Girl

Gypsy Girl was bought in 1973 by an american couple who lived in Germany for about a year.
During their stay in Europe they decided to buy a Great Dane 28 in Denmark and sailed it all the way back to Corpus Christi, Texas USA. Before they bought the boat, they chose to buy a super 8 camera and documented everything on reels. After their trip they cut the films professionally and added music and comments to the scenes.
We were given 3 films that were remastered by Ole's son Simon. Each of the film contains about 30min of fantastic material, which is really worth seeing. Unfortunately we have no information if Gypsy Girl is still sailing, what happend to here, or to whom she has been sold. I hope we will find out one day.

Find below Ole's mail in which he explains how he came to know the films and what he did to get them remastered. The links to view the films at youtube are attached as well.

2014-04-11 Mail from Ole Rosted (BriseII)
Hello everyone.

From Jørgen Brems, Webmaster on we have received the below 3 videos (actually 8mm reels). The reels were given to Jørgen by Baess who asked Jørgen to contact me. Baess only had my (discontinued) landline number and thus asked Jørgen to contact me. According to Jørgen the reels were thought as promotinal. It's not clear whether they got some discount on Gypsy Girl in return :-)

Originally I received 4 reels but # 1 and #4 were identical, unfortunately. I believe that originally there was one or two more reels showing the remaining trip to Corpus Christi - reel 3 ends in Antigua.

S/Y Great Dane Gypsy Girl. 1/3 Gypsy Girl is launched

S/Y Great Dane Gypsy Girl. 2/3 Gypsy Girl in Denmark
Interestingly on this reel around 10:00 Gypsy Girl uses my slip in Svanemøllen as Brise apparently was on its own cruise in the Danish waters during the time Gypsy Girl was in Copenhagen.

S/Y Great Dane Gypsy Girl. 3/3 Gypsy Girl over the mountains

My son Simon has done a great job restoring the sound as much as possible - we hope you'll enjoy it and the almost 1,5 hours of videos. It's obviously not HD but I believe you soon forget it.

I have in vain tried to track the Gypsy Girl on Google - hopefully someone can help us?

All the best, Ole Rosted

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