My good old ship HABAKUK, the GD28 prototype, has changed owner.

I have successfully found a solution so we can keep the prototype and the history of the GD28.

I have handed over the boat to two skilled, enterprising and industrious boat builder apprentices just 21 years old who has just started up their own shipyard in Helsingør (Elsinore). After the summer they'll take it inside and spend the next 3 years restoring it as a part of their apprenticeship.

Unfortunately there're not many wooden boats left in Helsingør and it's important that the young people learn how to make a teak deck, put new cover on the roof and change a couple of frames.

I have had many lovely and unforgetable years and experiences with GD28 D-1, but it's time now for the next generation to take over. I'm looking forward to come down to the harbour in Helsingør and see my old ship once the young people have finished the overhaul.

Kindly replace my name with the new owners:
Helsingør Bådeværft ApS
v/Emma Madigan & Benjamin Götke
Nordhavnsvej 26
3000 Helsingør

I wish fair winds and all the best for the Great Dane Club. Best wishes,

Henrik Kofod

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