Hello to all of you GD28 lovers,
first let me say, that a GreatDane owner website is a wonderful idea. Hence I will support this hopefully growing community with my GD inspirations and experiences. An especial “chapeau” to you admins, Olivia and John- keep on sailing!!!
So, first let me please introduce my and our “old lady” (build 1967 - when I was 2 years old!) named “Happy-Day”.
I am Berthold, living in Frankfurt/Germany, what sadly is more than thousand miles from our loved mooring in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Island in Spain). My wife Susanne and our 3 wonderful kids and parents have extended our family 10 years ago (little shocked, while writing the “10” – can’t be true???) by a boat. Though, we were searching for a motor-boat that time, meeting the “HappyDay” was really “love at first sight” and she had become a kind of true family member since than also if our shared time is limited to the short holiday periods (mostly summer and autumns) and the annually "anti-aging-projects" in springtime.
We are already her fourth owners, but I know, that the old and experienced air pilot who sold both, mooring and boat to me and my dad, had a wonderful and long time in the mediterranean see and has still an eye on her, whenever he is around– even we have never met personally after the deal. After seeing the original Klaus Baess list of boat numbers here on the website I was highly motivated to solve Happy Day´s last riddles regarding her first owners and the mysterious “hull-number”:

With the friendly help of Ole Rosted (thank you so much!!!!) who has received the original archives from Mr. Baess in Feb 08 and copied the most interesting docs to my mailbox, we could verify the "K39" and found out, that she was built by VPI in Struer, Dk. She was first sold 1967 by Ziegler (who later bought her back in 1971) to a sailsman named "Captain Bos". Please see his wonderful letter at the bottom of this page sended to Mr. Ziegler from "Intercontinental Hotel Karachi W-Pakistan" in Jan 1967 containing some hand painted improvement suggestions to the GD28 by "Captain Bos".
In 1972 she has been announced for sail in a Swedish and German yacht magazine before she was sold to a German air pilot named "Hans-Werner Harth" in Hamburg, who later resold her to his collegue (?) Mr. Radnitz who transfered her in the late 70ies to Palma de Mallorca where we finally met 10 years from today….

To give you an idea of our boat (and us) I will upload some pictures; if you are interested, take a virtual trip to one of the nicest places I now:

If anybody of you GD owners/sailors are visiting our area we would be pleased to meet you (please mail).

See you somewhere along the way and “hasta luego”


and now, I try to upload some nice pictures…and a very nice song I use to to sing when Happy Day has finally left the harbour. Drives my wife crazy - but hey, a sailor could have worse habits - sometimes … .

gd31s.jpg .. it works… now I´m a Wiki programmer… ;-))) gd32s.jpg
gd5.jpg C.N.A. gd6.jpg
sailaway sailing away susejulius
gd4.jpg boat people julius Julius
Scannen0003.jpg I can fly ! (hopefully…) Scannen0004.jpg "Cabrera in sight"
gd9s.jpg she can …"The flying Dutchman"
schraubes.jpg welle new shaft
shocking shocking ! ! ! bugs.jpg don´t happy - be worry ;-))
ruders.jpg schraube2 well done !
gd7.jpg gd33.jpg my dad
most of the time, the crew is inside …
gd34s.jpg.. the w a t e r !
let´s go sailing!
gd36.jpg .. now the sun has come to earth…
engine.jpg The engine replacement project gd40s.jpg my new best friend ;-))
"a man´s home is a boat"
GD57bye bye … (wish I had a "boat house"…)

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