Haveje II


One of the few annoying things about GD28 are the sitting conditions in the cockpit. Its fakirlike. If you don’t have a bad back, you get it! Here Utzon has taken more aesthetic considerations than comfort?!

To improve this I have constructed a simple back-support for the helmsman.

All it needs is

- 4 peaces of stainless steel bend on the middle (ca. 45 degrees) and

- two pieces of teak 10-12 cm x 25-30 cm. (see photos)

I know some of you fundamentalists believe this is blasphemy to an original product, but it has improved my happiness with sailing.

Jorgen, Haveje, GD201, Copenhagen

September 2020

New Owner of Haveje II are Anne Ehlert, Louise Ma, Rigmor Bose, Ida Wrisberg
New mooring is Svanemøllehavnen, DEN

haveje_s.JPG haveje1_s.JPG
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