Hilary Main


I purchased Hilary Main in 2006 at Dunstaffnage, near Oban , Argyll Scotland. I have as yet been unable to trace her build number, but
she was built in 1969 and sold through Carl Ziegler the UK distributor for the GD28.She has a recently fitted Beta BD722 engine (20 HP) and
seems in pretty good condition for her age. At present I am engaged in refurbishing her. Priorities are self tailing winches, instrumentation
and replacing her deck paint, which is very far from non slip at present. As usual every job takes longer and is more complicated than you
expect, but I am impressed with the original build of the boat.

This year I hope to get some decent sailing on the West Coast / Irish Sea , perhaps even making the Bangor meet if all goes well, and
look forward to meeting or corresponding with fellow owners.

Dougie Cuninghame

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