Follow Jasrah's voyage.

Jasrah_01.jpg Jasrah was bought in January 2007 . She was first registered in Newhaven (UK) in January 1968.

We don't know where her name comes from, but it has been suggested that it's a contraction between Jason and Sarah (maybe the children name of the first owner) and it's also a muslim girl name. We like it!

fromabovesmall.JPG inside1small.jpg
Lands_Endsmall.JPG Here are some pictures taken in April 2007. These must have been the sunniest weeks of the whole year!
On the left is Land's End, which is the south west corner of England. The next 2 pictures were taken in Milford Haven, one the biggest natural harbour on the planet. It's situated on the west UK in south Wales. The pink one (on the left) is Dale, a mini village, it has a good pub and it's lovely. The second one on the right, shows that Milford Haven also holds petrol and gas terminals and you'll see many tankers there. Even with that, the place is great for sailing.
Milfordhaven2small.JPG Milfordhaven1small.JPG
Menaistrait1small.JPG The Menai Strait on the picture on the left, separates the north west of Wales (called Holyhead) from the main land and creates an island. It is essential to be pretty accurate with the time as it's like being on a river that can become furious. Note that I was furious, when going slowly in it's most crucial part where you have to be very accurate with the transit, a powerboat passed less than 2 meters from us (there isn't a lot of space) at almost full speed…
johninoldtendersmall.JPG That's happy John on Jasrah's old tender… that was lost on a sunny and very calm day in the Menai Strait in Wales… But he has built a new one! To see the new tender at its different stages of construction, go there.
Original old Volvo
New Beta 16 (Winter 2007-2008) together with new (longer) shaft, new prop (RH 15X10 3 Blade), new electrics… The beds had to be raised by 45 mm


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