We bought "Kalypso" in autumn 2004 from the late Gerhard Bagan, who was her first owner. It was he who named the boat after the Homeric goddess, who made Odysseus stay with her for seven years.

"Kalypso" was ordered in autumn 1976 at Ch. Meisel (the German importer of Baess Boats). She was completed in 1977 when a Farymann engine was fitted instead of the standard Volvo Penta. This single-cylinder engine is still reliable and in good condition but with its 8 hp a real "auxiliary" and sometimes a bit on the weak side.

We mostly sail in the western part of the Baltic Sea and in the Kattegat, especially in Danish waters, which are from our home port Kiel an easily reached, magnificent cruising ground.

For many years we sailed "Stuchel" an IF-Boat. We made secure and pleasent cruises on her. She always behaved predictable but we felt sometimes a lack of power in heavy weather, when a short, steep and choppy sea builds up in the Baltic Sea. Going to windward then was always slow progress and wet. It became now and then a strain on our nerves in addition. Sailing on "Kalypso" in such conditions is much more comfortable. She is very steady and we are again and again surprised how fast she is with her sheets eased and sails in full belly shape.

This are pictures of some places in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany we like:


Fairway to Rudkøbing harbour. The island in the distance is Strynø.


Østerby Havn on Læsø in the northern Kattegat. Quite obviously one or two other sailors had also the idea to visit this picturesque island in June. On the following morning we managed to escape.


The sound between the islands of Tåsinge and Thurø. View from Troense with some buildings of Svendborg in the far background.


Swedish westcoast. View from Stora Dyrön a skerry north of the island of Marstrand.


Grebbestad on the Swedish Skagerrak coast in the middle of a midsummer night.


Passing the headland of Kullen on the Swedish coast at the northern entrance to the Sound on an early morning.


Brigitte & Bernhard


River Trave on a calm November day.

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