My father Uwe Schlott is since 1981 the owner of the GD 28 Hull No 240. She is moored in Glueckstadt on the River Elbe in Germany. She was delivered for the 1979 season. My parents sail her on the Elbe, the Baltic sea and sometimes North sea about 2000 nm / year.

She has still the Volvo MD11C-engine (overhauled in 1991 - including fresh water cooling system), but this spring (2008) my father and me will change it for a new Mitsubishi-Engine which will be hopefully much more quiet…and nearly 100kg less weight. Beside some electric, heating, sails and a genoa furling system there were no major changes. The underwater body is epoxy coated due to some smaller problems with osmosis. The building quality is still exceptional without any structural deficits.

We scanned one picture for you. Perhaps I'll get some better pictures this season.

Best Regards
Manfred Schlott

Her name is 'Lütten'. That was the pet name of my mother when my father met her….means something like "little nice girl…)



The new Mitsubishi-Engine works silence and fine. The 100kg less weight and the smooth running gearbox - the new three bladed propeller starts running under sail at about 2kn - improved the overall performance.

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