Margrethe D


My name is Ulf, and im the owner of a Great Dane 28, build in 1966. its still sailing :). The boat name is “Margrethe D” and she came to Grønland in April 2007, I buy it from a danish man. Old main Sail number is DEN22.(i guess its the same as the hull number ?) She is made of Glass fiber, but the mast is made of wood. It has two old sails, main sail and Genua. I think about to find some new used good sails for her maybe next year. I have installed GPS/Fishfinder and VHF radio. The engine is Sole 12 Hp Diesel, in very good condition. Last summer she sailed about 9 knot in 7 to 10 m/s wind, its just fantastic.
About the heating of in the boat; she has two heaters inside. One we use in the kitchen with two burners, its use kerosene/petroleum, and one transportable kerosene/petroleum “stand alone” heater, its burn in 24 hours only with 5 litres in the tank.

Best regards
Ulf Davidsen
Nuuk in Grønland / Greenland

15042007_2s.jpg 17042007_1s.jpg
23052007_2s.jpg April-May 2007
Juli2007_039s.jpg Juli2007_045s.jpg
Juli2007_043s.jpg July 2007

Owner History

Date Name Owner Location
1966 Kobs Berlin
??? - March 12th 2007 Bjornen Erich Lange Denmark
March 12th 2007 - November 11th 2017 Margrethe D Ulf Davidsen Nuuk, Greenland
November 11th 2017 - Now Fix it Philippe Trottier Kangerlussuaq, Greenland



Sole Mini 17 1995 (?)
Gear Box TMC40P (?)

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