Meeting 2009

Please send your pictures of the 2009 meeting to John. The website can be used to send up to 100Mega (in 1 file)


Thanks a lot to all the people who attended the meeting with or without their boat, you have contributed to make this meeting a real success.

In total, nine boats showed up, having traveled as far as from Britain, Germany, Sweden or as little as from the other side of the port.

The boats that turned up are: Eir, Brise II, Jasrah, Kalypso, Nepenthe, Gine, Luetten, Dafne, Kapp

Bellissima and Yogi didn't manage to come (even if a good effort was made on their part).

Some other individuals didn't manage to show up and were missed but many more turned up who didn't plan to do so. It seemed that everyone we've met on our way had some little story about a Great Dane such as the Svanmoellen Harbour Master Assistant having worked on the last Great Dane.

Week log book

Many arrived in Copenhagen on Tuesday the 28th July, Jasrah sailing (behind) together with Kalypso, Brise and Nepenthe. Eir was already in the harbour. In the evening, we had diner together at the restaurant of the yacht club that would host our meeting for the week, the ├śresunds Sejlklub Frem. We have to thank the club because it provided us free berthing for the whole week on their pontoon and we used their facilities. Click here to read the article on the meeting published in their bi-monthly paper (written by Ole, in Danish)

On Friday the 29th, Gine arrived and we all ate onboard Eir in the evening (Thanks to the hosts Peter and Edinalva). We spend the day shopping and drinking oel…

On Thursday, we went on excursion to visit the excellent Viking Museum in Roskilde. In the evening we ate onboard Kalypso (thanks to Bernhard and Brigitte) and nearly sunk their boat… You can stay up to 8 persons in the cockpit, but the ninth (and next ones) has to stay at the bow. Akke was saying 'Be ready to evacuate the ship' while Ole was laughing so much discovering his wet shoes.

The Friday was a relaxing day, drinking and eating, filling the water tanks… Luetten arrived during the day. That evening we ate on 2 boats (lesson learned the previous night): Nepenthe and Jasrah (thanks to Carin, Akke, Olivia and John)

On Saturday, we had a friendly regatta followed by a barbecue. The GDs Kapp and Dafne joined us that day. The hosts for the evening were Finn and Eva (Gine), Ole and Anette (Brise). Other GD owners and friends arrived that day and joined the party.

The Sunday was hot and we had to refrain us from drinking too much schnapps, beer or cider to stay in shape for the evening! We had a nice surprise when Jan Utzon came to visit us (the grandson of Aage). As announced, Klaus Baess came and stayed the whole evening, told us a bit more about the conception and history of the GD28. In the evening, we ate in the Frem Sailing Clubhouse restaurant and Peter Haagen made a slideshow presentation about his voyages aboard his GD Eir.

Little visit to Christiania on Monday with a slight twist.

On Tuesday the 4th August, the last 4 boats sailed to Ven, a swedish island some 15 miles away and we stay there for the night. Kalypso hosted the diner. We visited the museum about Tycho Brahe there (an astronomer), and after a last lunch by the beach, smoked mackerel and schnapps, all went their separated way in the afternoon on the 5 August.

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