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I have a GD28 that I bought in 1980. Hard to believe that is 27 years and two children ago. We live and sail on the west coast of Canada where there are at least three other GD28's around ( names Green, Nord and ???? ). The builder's brother Yuan Baess lives here ( Victoria ) and imported a number of Scandinavian boats in the early seventies. He has GD 28 Nord.


Minke is a 1971 dinette model that has been a wonderful part of our family. We have cruised as far north as the salt water glaciers in Alaska and a previous owner took her to Hawaii. I believe that we have logged about 27000 miles so I guess we average about 1000 per year.
Minke still has her original MD2B which I believe has about 7800 hours and two rebuilds. I added fresh water cooling about 4000 hours ago and I think she may go forever ( just keep changing the oil every 50 hours just like the book says).

We race her regularly, often the only attached rudder boat in the fleet with her over sized spinnaker and pole, we often make up the ground down wind that we lose going up wind .
As a single hander she is a force to be reckoned with as she is light on the helm and does not like the weight of extra crew in the cockpit.
It is a wonderful feeling to have my 19 year old son and at other times my 21 year old daughter take Minke with their friends off for a holiday this is the boat they know so well having both had their first cruise at about 2 weeks of age.
Minke's gel coat is quite crazed both hull and top sides and every year I think I may paint her but go sailing instead.
Her favorite rig is the 100% full hoist head sail and a full and deep main. Sail her low and fast as she is a delight, pinch up into the wind and she dies. We have a 135 % head sail that we use in winds under about 10 knots or when reaching in heavier winds.

I recently changed from a kerosene range to a propane unit and it is like having a new boat. Our diesel heater mounted as low as possible in the doorless hanging closet allows us to sail year round, there is a little kettle that sits atop this heater and presto we have running hot water.
I like to think the Great Dane was conceived as a simple boat and we have kept her that way.
I have hit a number of rocks, reefs, sand bars and such over the years and my children bless their hearts are doing the same as we bump our way around the coast. A great argument for the full keel and well protected rudder.

I believe Minke is Hull number 213 built by Sandersons Plastic Boats Copenhagen Denmark 1971

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as ever Tony Meek

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