New Windows

From Ole Rosted (February 7, 2008) when Berthold Keil asked him about his new windows

Hi Berthold,

Isn't it amazing - the pictures and the story has been there for a little more than two!!! hours when you stumble upon them.

Just checked your page - I'm happy that you can't see my jealous face right now - it looks very beatiful - it looks very tempting to come around! ;-) Visited Tauala K30 last Easter near Southampton - nice people, too.

The windows were measured and ordered by 'my' boatbuilder ( who also did the woodwork in 2006 (his father build the mast some 30 years ago and helped fixing it in 2007 appreciating the good work so many years back ;-)). The templates were then send to the Danish agent of a Swedish company ( who have specialized in cutting the aluminum frames in one piece with mounting from the interior. Unfortunately I wasn't aware that the inner frame was in two pieces (stupid but one can order it in one piece for a little extra - I would have preferred that but OK - next time we do that ;-)). Except for a 7! weeks delay of the glasses and thus the final delivery it looks as nice as on the picture. Meanwhile my boatbuilder made new inner wood panels (5 or 6 mm waterproof plywood) and mounted the windows when the windows finally arrived. As I remember the windows were approx 12.000 DKK and probably around 8.000 DKK - not cheap, or perhaps not so bad when you see the result. One thing's for sure - I couldn't have done it myself. Was it hard work - no, not really ;-)))

Hope this is useful to you - just ask if there's something I've forgotten,

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