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Great Dane Meeting 2009 in Copenhagen


Click here to find informations and pictures from the meeting GD28 Meeting Copenhagen 2009

By being the hull number 2, Selina is the oldest GD28 built in GRP still sailing (1966).
We can see what means the famous dinette configuration. There was probably a quarter berth on the starboard side (under the coffee percolator!). untitled2s.jpg
A photo to show the old cockpit (until hull #50 in 1967 when Sandersen boatyard took over the production and brought slight modifications). Typical in it is the step under the companionway and the mainsheet post made in GRP. Its size is wider and that brings the winches in more outside position. The deck space on the back is also shorter. A funny thing on the photo is the engine gear lever that can be seen in the middle on the back locker. It's in neutral and had to be pushed to the left to go frontward and to the right for reverse. The throttle was on a separate lever.

Brise II

….Brise II new mast… or what can be called a bijoux!


Stella is the one that went the further and hold the record of the longest passage at sea (72 days singlehanded between New Zealand and the Falklands via Cape Horn!).

Liberty and Margrethe D



On the left, view the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland aboard Liberty and above, find Greenland near Nuuk with Margrethe D. They are the GD28 moored in the most northern location (65° North). And yes, both have 2 heaters… Note that Margrethe D's photo was taken at 9.30 pm!

Happy Day

Happy Day is the only one we know to be moored in the Med (sunny Spain), the most south one in Europe

Greta, sail number 232 build in 1977

In Greta's page, you can see that the Great Dane 28 is a real family boat. We see very clearly the change in the interior design. I think the dinette configuration had disappeared in 1970 already (?).Sarah-Sofie
In 1980, Sarah-Sofie is the last one to have been built and therefore the youngest of all (hull no. 256)!

Viking, hull no. 222, sail number G31

Viking close hauled in Sound of Fehmarn in 2018. Viking is moored in Travemuende, Germany
Photos taken from aboard Colombe hull no. 243, also moored in Travemuende, Germany

Colombe, hull no. 243

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