Sail No

By sail number, we mean the number written on the mainsail.

As said, most boat have the same hull and sail number, except boats that were imported in the UK through Ziegler.
Most boats have one letter before the number that indicates the country. A few GD28, particularly in Germany, don't have that code country letter in the mainsail.
D22 is the hull no. 22 in Denmark (today Denmark international code is DEN)
K30 isn't hull no. 30 (!) in the United Kingdom (today's code is GBR)
G45 is hull no. 45 in Germany (today's code is GER)
S85 is the hull 85 in Sweden (today's code is SWE)

Don't hesitate to add other country code here. And note that the country might still be written on its main, but the boat might not be there anymore! If ones doesn't know his hull number, but find documents or anything with a sail number, it is very likely that that number is the hull one (again, not with UK stuffs…).

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