We are now - as you know - the proud owner of Selina and here she is!
We were very excited to find out whether the rumors were true - is she really no. 2 in the production line and yes, she most certainly is. Underneath the GD28 on the main sail it says D2 in bright red, and this together with the information that she was build in 1966 leaves no doubt about it. We have been searching for the small iron plate with the building year etc. on it but we can't find it.

About 4 years ago somebody bought her with the intention to sail her around the world. They totally renovated her from top to bottom - and then for some reason gave up the whole idea. At that time she was called Hobitten.

selina_001small.jpg selina009s.jpg
selina013s.jpg selina018s.jpg
sejlerkursus036s.jpg sejlerkursus001s.jpg

Above are some pictures from our journey home. The Island is Omø - one of the island in the Great Belt and the other one is coming into Nyborg harbor after 11 hours hard work trying to go North and crossing the Belt at the same time with the wind and stream directly against us.

Visit the Pictures page to see more pictures of Selina's saloon

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