Shearwater was previously "Witchery," and berthed in Maine. my father bought her in the early eighties, or was it the late seventies? and sailed her down to his harbour in Massachusetts. (South Dartmouth) i mention that because it was also capt. Slocum's port-of-call ("sailing alone around the world"). Shearwater moved to a small port north of chicago for a decade, and is now back in salt water for a few years. i've always explained it as comparing her to a morgan, jaguar or studebaker - you don't let it out of the family.

i'm very happy with her. i'm ecstatic with the work you've done with this website. i've been pouring over the photos and news; i knew where all of those construction photos were taken almost immediately!

recent work has included replacing the lazarrette hatches with new ones of white oak and cherry trim, and a new fwd hatch. i also added a solar powered light for the windex, after enjoying a few evenings out on the water long after the sun set - it's really just a rebuilt garden light.


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