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  • Welcome a site dedicated for a wonderful boat the Great Dane 28
  • History and Design: Brief history of GD28, description of the design with plans, boat specification, copies of original sales brochures, hull and stability factors
    • Klaus Baess: Presentation of the GD28 builder and creator
      • WW2 years: Sailing in Copenhagen and in Denmark during World War II
      • Early years: After his bronze Olympic medals and before building the GD28, Baess sold many boats as a broker
      • GD28 papers cutting: Newspaper cuttings and advertisement around the GD28 from Baess scrapebook
    • Aage Utzon: our mythic boat designer
    • Boats test: Test articles
    • Hull and stability factors Calculation attempt to explain the boat incredible seaworthy
  • Boats: List of GD28 sailing today and their location. Many owners also present their boat
  • Forum: General discussion, seamanship and cruising, maintenance or for sale categories. Also contains some interesting letters from GD28 owner about specific GD28 topics
  • Pictures: An overview of the boat with photos
  • Archives: documents like Baess original sales list (every boat built and each client it was sold to) and official documents
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