Hi, my name is Piero and I am the new owner of Solitude. Actually I wanted to buy an IF, but I suddenly remembered that in the beginning of the nineties I was moored next to a GD28 (I was sailing a Maxi Fenix). So I tried on the net and I found several offers, both in Denmark and abroad. I (almost) forgot the IF and I bought Solitude. Here she is.


For the time being there is no so much to say. She is in a yard to make some checks and repairs before I take her to her new harbour in the south of Denmark. It is a trip of about 65 miles and I hope to get a reasonable week-end to do it.

I am very passionate of those types of boats (heavy displacement and long keeled) and, actually, I have another, larger one, in the Med where I race her in classic boats regattas. That is a full wooden ketch…lot of work!

I have also found a picture of a GD28 back in the 60's here it is.


This is a boat furbished by a yard called Heller's. If I read correctly the number on the sail it is a D5, so it must be Brunhilde - that - for the time being - I understand is on grass. Heller's furbished about 90 GD28 and the yard is still kicking and alive. The yard was founded in 1950.

The next photo shows the reproduction of a drawing that I have been told should be a study for the GD28 which was supposed to be built in wood. It is hanging in the corridor at the yard where Solitude is for the time being. The date states "Copenhagen, April 1957". If someone has additional or different information, please let me know.


The checks and repairs turned out to be that someone had ripped-off the stern tube, so a new one had to be installed. It goes with it that the propeller shaft and other connected items had to be replaced not to talk about some sea cocks that were as old as the boat itself. At last I got Solitude to her final harbour… It was a couple of weekends ago where the meteo was promising north-easterly and sunshine. This would have been quite good since we had to sail south-westerly. We had a 70 miles trip in front of us to be sailed between 6:30 a.m and 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. Question of time (this is the rush for doing it in one day) and light (this is the rush for doing it in 13 hours). When we woke up on Saturday morning at 05:00 it was raining and the wind was south-west!
Due to the time constraints we did quite some hours of motoring. Apparently there was water or dirt in the fuel tank, so the engine enjoyed itself in stopping now and then. Luckily it restarted every time.
We arrived at 6:30 p.m. in - at last - good weather.
Now is the time were she is ready to go ashore for wintertime. I am looking forward to do some work on her and to next spring when I am sure I will enjoying sailing her.


During winter time I have done a lot of wooden work in the cockpit, by stripping her down to the bare wood and finishing her with varnish and oil.
Engine got a good check and the primary filter changed…surprise surprise, there was more water and rust in the filter than diesel, no wonder that I had problem with the engine stopping and starting!
Unlucky all the plans for a good season have been perturbed not by the weather, that has been beautiful here in Denmark, but by the fact that my sweetest half fall and broke an arm and a leg back home. Only by the end of July (last week) she has been able to get on the boat. This is also the reason why we have not been able to participate to the come-together in Copenhagen. Pity!

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