About one year ago I bought "Stella" the GD 28 with Hull Nr. 193 and Sail Nr. D 193 from Peter Matthiessen, the son of the first owner Eric Matthiessen. Eric bought the hull in 1973 from Baess, as you can see in the lists. He did a very fine interior made of mahogany in the classic way and put it into Baltic sea first time 1977. He sailed around there with his family for many years.

When his son Peter was 20 years old and had finished his apprenticeship in electronics he took the boat and went first to England, where he met Nick Franklin (father of Aries) who gave him some spare parts for the Aries. He then sailed from England to New Zealand the classic way (Panama). He later returned, but not the classic, but the south route from west to east around Cape Horn alone (with just a cat) on this 28 ft boat (72 days on sea from New Zealand to Falklands…). Peter's journey round Kap Horn found it's way into a danish sailing magazine. Please find the September 2004 issue of "Træfpunkt", under the following link: [] (danish)

He returned after a trip of five years first in England where Nick Franklin assigned him to build the Aries in future - then in ALS (Denmark) where he started to build the Aries vane gear (see where you can see a video about Aries with "Stella" sailing!).


As his family has grown, he has a bigger ship now - so he sold his Stella to me (with tears in his eyes - and in the eyes of his father Eric too) - but we stayed friends - after a year of sailing in the North Sea and Baltic, Stella is home for the winter in Peter's shed.

Stella is registered in the Sea-Ship Register in Bremen now as "Stella DDSI"

Best regards from Bremen

Markus Hansen
(January 2008)

Stella in Dywig
foreward-t-dwn_s.JPG pantry_s.JPG
Evening in Stella
Peter, Eric and me
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