Sturmvogel Chile

There were 5 boats built in Chile with modified stern and manufactured from wood.
In recent years we did receive several information about these boats, a summary of information is shown here on one of the boats pages.
2018-07-22 CM

July 2018


my name is Roberto Quast Möller and I own a self made GD28.
My father had build this GD28 from wood with a modified stern. Below some pictures from sailing in Chile.

BZQT8501.jpg CKGF9101.jpg
BZQT8501.jpg CKGF9101.jpg

August 2016

Dear Sir.

In Chile, souhamerica, 5 great dane 28 were built, in wood.
Capricornio is one of them. She went to the water in 1985. It has some modification, the rudder for

You can see the article «the improbable voyage of capricornio»

German Ehrenfeld

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