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Who can join?

This site is for all Great Dane 28 owners and enthusiasts. After being accepted as a member, you will be able to add posts in the forum and edit most pages, meaning adding information or modifying its content.

How to join!

So you want to become a member of this site? Great! And don't forget it's free and simple.

First you have to create a wikidot account: click on the button bellow create an account. For that you need a valid e-mail and think of a user name and password. You will then receive an e-mail containing a verification code. (I recommend you to give your usual e-mail here because if there was a problem in the future, you wouldn't receive e-mail notification. Also note that nobody can see that e-mail).

With that in hand, you can apply for membership to our GD28 website. For that, come on this page here again and click on the log-in here bellow and follow the instruction. Please give your name & email address when applying to this site, so that we can inform you that you've been accepted. If you don't receive a confirmation by me or John in the next few days following your application, and your name still isn't in the "Site members" list, send us an e-mail with your wikidot user name.

If you decide to use a name that we cannot link to your real name or your boat, I encourage you to give some information about you in your profile in your wiki account so that other owners could know who you are (and write to you!).

Hope to hear from you soon!

Olivia & John

You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

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