My name is Norbert Breitrück.

I am very very happy about the GD 28 owners club. I am not so good in english and therefore I am waiting for my son till he is coming back from vacation. More information and pictures will follow.

I am sailing with my wife Christa on our GD 28 no 252. The name of the ship is "Taurus"

The ship was built in 1979 and we bought it as a new one. We met Klaus Baess in 1979 and sailed Taurus directly from Roskilde ( Baess product station) to Germany.

In the summertime a lot of boats are going with machine over the channels via Poland or Lübeck/GER to the Baltic-Sea for sailing in the holidays. So we do it too and we are sailing to Oslo or Stockholm. Some boats are going from Berlin around the world.

Before the reunion of Germany we had to put the ship in Lübeck on a trailer-truck. Since 1989 we can go alone through the canals to the Baltic sea. It was a great moment for us.

On the boat shows in Hamburg GD 28 was one of the best products in Europe every year. You could not go into the ship, because there where so many visitors. The problem: it was the most expensive ???( I mean many money) boat in her class. For information: Baess produced some Great Dane 37. (the same quality, but not looking like GD 28). Last year we met one in Denmark.

PICT0022s.JPG1 PICT0030s.JPG2
PICT0035s.JPG3 Norbert, Christa and fantastic Taurus' first contact with water for an new sailing season.

We have been sailing the ship from 1979 on over 30.000 miles and we are as happy as the first day. The ship is in very good condition. The harbor of "Taurus" is Berlin and we are sailing during the summer in the Baltic Sea.

PICT0007s.JPG4 Our Yacht-Club Stössensee in Berlin.

More than 10.000 sailing-boats are in Berlin and and they are sailing there the whole year (some during the winter-time). The sailing- area in Berlin is looking like fjords in Norway or Sweden (but not so long - only 10 miles). The largest lake in Berlin is the "Wannsee"

PICT0040s.JPG5 Happy greetings from Berlin

Norbert und Christa Breitrück

OleRostedandNorbertBreidtück.jpg6 In 2012 we went sailing to Copenhagen where we've met Ole Rolsted (Brise II).
We had a wonderful afternoon onboard our Taurus.
NewSails1.jpg7 Taurus with new sails.

Trip report from Berlin to Gotland in the Baltic Sea in summer 2007,
about 1000 miles between the 4th August and 8th September,
7 pages in german!

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