The GD28 number 197 changed name with its privies owner from Gaudamus to Teist in 2014.
My dad and I bought Teist in 2016 from Iakob Olrik. We have decided to keep the name Teist.

Iakob Olrik named the boat after the bird named Tejst or Teist - spelt in Swedish. The inspiration came from many trips to the Island Hallands Väderö http://www.sydsverige.dk/?pageID=280Swedish where the Teist - in English Tystie - breeds in small colonies and nest in cliffs ability or the stone blocks.

The relatively short period of time Olrik owned Teist, he did a great job renovating the boat. From a long list of things he upgraded the engine from the original Volvo Penta 9 MHP to a brand new Yanmar 3YM20 21 MHP engine with new diesel tank. He also bought a new Genoa.

Now we are looking forward to many wonderful trips with family and friends and to meet other GD28 owners.

Please visit our blog and site [http://teist.dk]

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The image below is from 2015 Elsinore Nordhavnen captured by Ole Rosted:

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