Timschal remains in Papenburg under new ownership
New owner: Dieter Düthmann

February 2016

Timschal was formerly owned by Bernhard Vocks

Moin moin…

Here I would like to present Timschal a GD28 with Hull No. 177 and Sail No. 177. She was built 1972 by K. Baess for Family K. Möller in Hamburg and I bought from his daughter Janina, who grew up on Timschal. Primarily they visited the Baltic States. But the young woman became ill and their fate gave me the chance to acquire their Timschal end of 2007. Meanwhile the young woman died after a long illness and I want to keep their Timschal in honor!


Timschal came to Papenburg and we started a refit. Some things have been renewed. Water dripped from the rudder blade after 4 weeks later. Smallest cracks were found. The rudder stock had been hit. The hull has been blasted and rebuilt. New window frames (V4A) with tinted plexiglass.
The Compass House as a support column for the main sheet bracket had to be re-established. The cockpit coaming of wood was rotting in some places, especially in the aft lower area. All wood parts have been removed and rebuilt with Lackoel.
In addition to a completely new electrical Timschal got a new deck with Flexiteek. Finally I upgraded Timschal with furling genoa.

In the summer of 2010 we continued Timschal back into the water. Despite engine problems we had a great first sailing season.


Timschal`s new home port is called Papenburg. Its territory is the Ems, the East Frisian Islands on the Wadden and North Sea .

My name is Bernhard Vocks. I was born in 1962.


Best regards
Bernhard Vocks

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