During the war, Klaus Baess was an active sailor and sailed almost every day of the week. However, the Germans didn't allow very much sailing in the Sound because neutral Sweden was after all not that far away. Though one could obtain a permission they didn't always use them.

KB often practiced with the Dragons inside! the harbor of Skovshoved (Ole: I know there were less piers in Skovshoved when I was young but believe me, it must have been like racing with a Formula 1 car in a prison cell).


This permit's copy is not KB's one - he had one too but had probably thrown it out many years ago. Coincidentally an old uncle of Ole gave him his permit a few weeks ago so he has sent this instead - as a part of this history lesson.

With a permit one was allowed to sail just outside Copenhagen. Upon leaving the harbour, the permit was handed over to a German soldier sitting on the pier head with a fishing net. He would stamp the permit and remind the owner to be back not later than one hour before sunset same day! Sometimes they were allowed to meet in the Northern end of district A. A German navy vessel would then escort the boats to Isefjorden (the F zone) where they could sail around 'freely' in the bathtub.


Text and photos by Ole from Brise II

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